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Mail aan onze Turkse IBBY-vrienden


Yesterday our IBBY-president Wally de Doncker announced the sad news that the biennial conference, to be held in Turkey in 2018, is cancelled. On behalf of the board of the Dutch IBBY-section I would like to express our support for the Turkish IBBY-section and to say thank you for all the efforts you have already made to organize this conference. The board of the Dutch IBBY-section can imagine how difficult and disappointing it must have been to cancel the conference, because you worked so hard on it for four years. However, we hope that you will continue your good work as always: with enthusiasm, perseverance and good will!

Warm wishes,

Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer, President of the Dutch IBBY-section and professor of children’s and Young Adult literature at Tilburg University

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