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Build a Better World


I am writing to see if any libraries that serve teenagers would be interested in a small postcard exchange this summer.  This is inspired by a program that the Caledon Public Library in Canada did a few years back.

My teen program is for students in grades 6-12, so I have teens as young as age 11 through age 18.  I work at a medium sized-library in Rhode Island/USA. I would hope to have about 20 participants but I’m not sure exactly how popular the program will be. But it would be a great fit for our summer theme “.”

I am hoping for a relatively simple endeavor, where youth at each of our libraries write a postcard to an anonymous teen outside their country, and we coordinate between us how many postcards to send to make sure each participant gets one.  The program is coming up soon – it runs June 26 – August 31 2017.

If any libraries are interested, please contact me and we can discuss more details.

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