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Bookbird. A journal of international children’s literature.

bookbird 2015 - 53 - 1 001

In het eerste nummer van Bookbird van 2015 onder meer de volgende artikelen:

  1. “Doncher be too sure of that!”: Children, Dogs, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps’s Early Posthumanism by Roxanne Harde

  2. Harry Potter and the (Post)human Animal Body by Holly Batty

  3. Beyond Human: Escaping the Maze of Anthropocentrism in Peter Dickinson’s ”Eva” by Lydia Kokkola and Aliona Yarova

  4. “Little Girls are Even More Perfect When They Bleed”: Monstrosity, Violence and the Female Body in Kristin Cashore’s Graceling Trilogy by Patricia Kennon

  5. “What have they done to you now, Tally?” Post-Posthuman Heroine vs Transhumanist Scientist in the Young Adult Science Fiction Series ”Uglies” by Petros Panaou

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